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Rainy Day Rituals

It’s literally impossible for me to have a physically good day when it’s raining/snowing. My body can’t handle the barometric pressure change. So when I wake up to the sound of rain drops, I automatically start planning things for myself to do.

My main thought that goes through my head is “I don’t want to be a lazy lump today”. And it’s hard not to be lazy on a crappy day. The aches and pains are radiating out of my body to the point where it’s all that’s on my mind. That’s why I’ve started doing this on bad rainy days:

I start by making a mental list of small tasks I want to get done. When I don’t feel good sometimes it’s even hard for me to change my clothes, so starting small is beneficial.

This was my most recent mental list for a rainy day:

  • Go downstairs and eat breakfast (this consisted of an entire papaya, hemp granola with almond milk, and two spoonfuls of organic raw honey, the healthier you eat the more you’ll feel good mentally)
  • Take a shower and get changed (it takes me so much longer to shower when my body is hurting, so I’ve learned to accept this and to take my time without getting frustrated at myself)
  • Meditate for at least 20 minutes, write in my journals, and then sage myself and my room (make sure to set the intention of knowing your body is working its best to heal itself and to be patient with it)
  • Do light stretches for every joint (I use YouTube videos if I can’t think of stretches to do)
  • Read some chapters in my book (I’m currently reading Quantum Healing by Deepak Chopra)
  • Make something for myself for lunch (this consisted of quinoa and rice, an avocado with pink Himalayan salt and pepper,
  • Take my dog for a walk (yes even when it rains your dog still has to get exercise and pee, btw click that link if you want to read how my dog saved my sanity)
  • Relax and listen to music (I usually listen to reggae, but when I want to really relax, I listen to Trevor Hall, Xavier Rudd, or Dean Evenson; I’m usually listening to them when I’m writing on my blog)
  • Take a bath with essential oil infused epsom salt (this feels great on sore joints and temporarily makes swelling for down, I usually will do this before bed so that I can enter a sleeping state relaxed rather than aggravated at my body)

These may seem like small normal things that should get done anyway but the fact that I made a list and attempted to do all of the tasks makes me feel so accomplished.

It’s so hard to keep moving when everything is hurting you, trust me I know, but sitting still and not doing anything will only hurt you more. You don’t want your body to become stiff because you’ll just end up with sorer joints. These lists can be as simple and small as you want! As long as you try to do them, you’re improving yourself. It can really turn your day around. Try it!

Also if you noticed, I said nothing about watching television. TV is great once in a while but if you’re as sick as I am, the main focus should be on healing. In my mind, I don’t have time to waste and I want to heal myself as soon as possible to get back into the groove of life. Try limiting your TV exposure and focus more on yourself and your body, it really does help.

29 thoughts on “Rainy Day Rituals”

  1. Hi! This is so great to read today because I woke up to rain and am feeling horrible (mainly a migraine and my stomach which is unrelated). My question is how do you do all of those things if you have a migraine? Or do you not? When my head is that bad the only thing I can fathom doing is lying in bed. But after seeing this I want to heal! Any suggestions?

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    1. Ugh I’m sorry you’re feeling crappy. So if I have a migraine, which I get often, I usually smoke marijuana. I have a dry herb vape that filters it well so it doesn’t effect my lungs. My head usually starts to feel better within 10 minutes of me smoking. And then usually stays away even when the marijuana wears off. If marijuana isn’t for you, then another thing I do (if I don’t have marijuana available) is I put peppermint essential oil on my temples and all around my neck. That usually helps but I know sometimes it’s so severe that you don’t want to move. So in that case, you can make your task list small such as make it a goal to at least go take a chilly shower (these are good for migraines) and then lie down. Meditating sometimes help when it isn’t so severe too. Hope this helps!


  2. “so I’ve learned to accept this and to take my time without getting frustrated at myself”

    That’s something I’ve been learning. Temperance. Finding the balance between lethargic despair and type-A perfectionism. Being kind to myself and knowing my limits and my needs. Thank you for sharing ❤

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    1. My period started today and I knew it was happening soon because of how depressed/tired I’ve been these past couple days, so I needed this advice

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      1. I’m so happy this post was able to benefit you! This menstrual cycle is very powerful due to the craziness with moon in January. You’re detoxing a lot of crap that no longer serves you! Be patient with your body and I hope you feel better soon!

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      2. lmao I even did a tarot spread about my period because I KNEW it was a special one ahahaha! all signs point toward The Good Shit, so I’ll take it


  3. Hi, Love your blog and thank you for following mine. I am very controversial in my practices, I follow nobody and steer clear of the well known gurus. I found it very had when I lived in UK in winter because of the high humidity it made me feel so ill with the cold and dampness. Since I live in Egypt the arid climate is much better for me. It is healthier. You have to be patient when detoxing or cleansing as there is so much to be done and at a slower rate. Doing things to quickly only harms you on every level.

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    1. Thank you as well! I’m happy you have found a climate that suits your health needs, I’m still on the search since I live in the states still, but I know once i travel out of the country I will have better luck. And yes patience is key! It’s taken me awhile to realize that I need to let my body detox it’s toxins at its own rate. But I know with time I’ll get better!

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      1. Learn to listen to your soul for guidance on how to heal yourself. It takes time and many of the health issues are connected to personal issues too.

        Perhaps travel as you say will help or living in a different state in the US would help too, one with more sunshine and again a dryer climate.

        Some of the medication toxins take a long time to leave and the damage they caused to heal.

        Take care you are young and you will overcome this. Blessings

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      2. Agreed. And I can’t wait for the new generations to be born, especially when I have kids because there will be a lot of indigo children walking the earth and that’s who will save humanity from destroying itself and this earth.


      3. Excuse me saying this but they will not be indigo. They will be special. Take you thoughts higher than what is being churned out by the masses. Go through your soul and always ask questions. Use your own truth not something someone wants to control with. The more you work with your soul the better for you. Blessings

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      4. I may be taking this wrong but indigo children are special. They are the “upgraded blueprint for humanity”. This is a good article but there’s so many other articles out there to research. Indigo children are extremely close to their true being. The universe sends us these beings to bridge the path from this reality (3rd dimension) to the next reality (5th dimension consciousness). Most of us have already reached 5th dimension consciousness after the last full moons from January. We are shifting consciousness as a whole! 😊

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      5. Question this with your soul not someone’s ideas. I do not follow this path or teachings, very controversial. I follow God and my Soul only. I do not read this kind of writing. I keep away from the New Age Arena. Very few would be 5th Dimension this is a ploy to gain following. It takes Eons to evolve. All these things are to attract people with children. I recommend you ask your soul for guidance on this and ask for confirmation. Through cleansing and releasing we upgrade our own blueprint. No one can change another’s blueprint it is not allowed, only communicating and working with the divine can each good soul make changes.

        How can it be possible for us to be shifting consciousness as a whole when there is still so much evil on the planet?

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      6. I am not trying to change your view and I accept what you believe, i just do not follow the same path. It is how you perceive things. There needs to be duality. If there were not what we consider “good and evil” then we wouldn’t exist. You can’t have any “good” without so called “evil”. Either way, we are on the same path in the sense that we are love. Good luck to you💕

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      7. Good luck to you too. I am not wishing to impose anything on you expect to question and not just believe. Think about it! Why would Mother Earth give her soul name to so many people, of whom many would like to destroy her? Nobody knows her name! We lived on this planet long before evil in complete harmony. I respect where you are in your learning I do not wish to interfere with your thinking, but suggest your soul is more truthful for you in everything. Take care.

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  4. I was just explaining this to a friend. When they say “oh its just a little rain/snow”. Yes true, but that little bit of cold or rain, is hell on my joints and can cause a severe migraine. The idea that I’m supposed to kinda “suck it up” is offensive.
    I know they mean well but it does make me feel as if they are dismissing or diminishing me. I know my body, I feel like saying please stop telling me what I need to do or what I’m causing by not following your advice or how it can’t be that bad, or push through it etc etc.
    I definitely want to share this with my friends and family ❤

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