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No Longer a Burden

Living with a chronic illness is hard. But have you ever thought about how hard it is for your significant other and family? I used to get really depressed when I thought about how this effects my loved ones, it made me feel like a such burden. Why is this fair to them? Why should they have to take care of me when they’ve got to take care of themselves? I know a lot of you out there who live with a chronic illness know exactly where I’m coming from.

But I’m writing this to tell you that you shouldn’t feel this way. The people in our lives are here to be our support system. In fact, every single one of us is someone else’s support system. You need to believe this because it’s true. We all matter to someone whether you want to believe it or not.

I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by a great family and amazing friends. Sure I had thoughts about being a burden, but I decided to change my perspective. Instead of being sad, I would replace that emotion with being grateful. And this really helped me come out of my funk. Those who want to help you will remain in your life and show that they care. Let them. Don’t try to push people away just because you’re feeling sorry for yourself. Allow their love to lift your spirit. Love is what’s going to cure us.

It’s Valentine’s Day and I’m feeling extra thankful for my boyfriend, Tyler, who has stuck by my side through this sickness roller coaster. It hasn’t been easy but he never gives up on me and never lets me give up on myself. Without his unconditional love and support, I would be so lost in this cruel world. We have been together since 2010 and I was diagnosed in 2015, he didn’t have to continue to be my boyfriend. But he chose to and because of that, I am fighting this illness with everything I am and I’m not going to let it conquer me. Thank you Tyler for everything that you do for me. I hope one day in the future I’ll be able to fully express how much your love means to me, but for now you leave me speechless.

To my family and friends, thank you all for love and support and for not letting me give up.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, don’t forget to love yourself today and to spread love to those who need it most.

6 thoughts on “No Longer a Burden”

  1. I really love your outlook on life. I have felt like this more than a few times and I have even voiced my concern to my hubby. But you are right, they chose to be by our side and have more unconditional love then I think we realize. Great post!!!

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