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Snap Out Of It

There’s a constant battle between believing in healing and actually healing.

I know I speak of a positive mind set and I make it seem so easy. But I hope those who read this understand that they must believe they will heal. I know I am healing, it may be at a very slow rate but at least I can say that I am different than I was yesterday. Some people can’t say that, whether it be because of emotional blockages or a stubborn ego. I’m changing every minute, we all are. Being born into this physical, 3-dimensional realm – we all came here with a purpose. If we are constantly choosing to ignore synchronicities, choosing to ignore messages from nature, and even messages through our closest friends, then we’re just making our path more difficult. We all have a purpose, I’m lucky enough to know mine but I’m also lucky to be surrounded by beautiful people to pick me up when I’m down and when I fall a few steps in a weird direction.

There’s no right or wrong path, there’s just your path. How you choose to play the card you’re dealt will determine what happens next in your life. Though we all may slip sometimes and somehow find ourselves trapped at the bottom of a seemingly endless pit of negativity, there’s only one way out. Once you’ve hit “rock bottom”, your life can only get better from there, you can’t argue that.

I was reminded by a friend today that no matter my religious stand point, asking for help isn’t a bad option. I do not claim to follow any specific religion, nor do I judge another on their choice to do so. I believe that God is within. I believe that there’s a higher power that is always taking care of me no matter what my mindset might be from day to day. Whether that higher power be God, the universe, my higher self, or just an idea that a human mind can’t grasp; it’s always okay to surrender to the unknown and trust that you’re going in the right direction.

I trust that I am healing. I trust that I will always have enough to keep me alive. I trust that I will always be enough. I trust that even when I unintentionally fall a few steps back, the universe will slap me in the face with a message.

If you’re struggling in anyway today (mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually) you aren’t alone. If you’re reading this right now, this is the universe slapping you in the face. Uncertainty and fear look stupid on you. Snap out of it, trust it, and keeping moving forward like the badass warrior that you are.

14 thoughts on “Snap Out Of It”

  1. Yes! I spent several years post diagnosis worrying about the future to the point of paralysis. I became frozen in my fear. I realized how I have been cared for even in (especially in) my worst days. Now I’m so much more relaxed about the future.

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