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A Message to the ‘Cool’ Kids

You are not better than anyone. I am not better than anyone. We are all one consciousness vibrating on different levels. We all have different looks and personalities and quirky things about us that makes us all so unique.

After a long weekend of hiking, my body needed tons of rest so I just finished binge watching the full two seasons of 13 Reasons Why. Watching this alone allowed a lot of emotions to surface to the point where I was just sobbing and watching. If you haven’t watched this show, do it. That’s not me politely saying “oh check out this show it’s so good”, it’s me saying “sit the fuck down and watch this show until the very end”. I say this so bluntly because everyone has done fucked up things and will learn from this show.

If you are familiar with this show, then you know its incredibly raw content (don’t worry, no spoilers here). After watching this show I felt nauseous, furious, depressed, and a fire in my heart to do something. Anything.

I cant help everyone, but I can sure as hell try to. No one is perfect and we’ve all made mistakes or treated people in a way that was clearly not right. I’ve done it, you’ve done it, there’s no hiding from it. To anyone I have ever made feel like shit, like you weren’t as good as me, or if I labeled you, I am genuinely sorry from the bottom of my heart. 

Since I have started my conscious journey, I have tried to become a better me every single day.  If I had judgmental thoughts, I’d catch them before they could do harm to anyone and made them disappear. I started to smile at everyone I passed. I started to silence my ego with my positivity. I became less jealous of others and learned to love myself.

You don’t have to be mean. Life is not a contest or a game. Looks do not matter. Being materialistic will get you nowhere but lost in your egoic mind. Thinking that you’re better than someone else for any reason is the most selfish thought.

We’re all trying here. We’re all in the same place in the same dimension, floating through infinite space. No one really knows what they’re doing or where we are or what happens when we die. What we do know is that being a genuine human being, loving each other for who we are, spreading positivity every where we go, doing act of kindness while wanting nothing in return, will in fact make a huge difference to humanity.

So to all of the “cool kids” out there – if you make people feel small with your words, if you give snarky looks to people passing by, if you gossip like a child spreading false information, if you physically hurt another person, you are not cool; you are the problem. I don’t want to sound cliche but you never know what someone else is going through. Your interaction with a person could be their make-or-break moment deciding whether they want to keep living their life or put an end to it. That sounds morbid but it’s true. No one in this entire universe deserves to feel alone or like they don’t matter.

To the rest of the world – you don’t need to fit in with the “cool kids”. What the fuck are you fitting into anyway? A made-up label with a misinterpreted belief system with ridiculous standards that cause hateful actions? No, fuck that. There is no criteria of how to be a human being. So just be you, the real you. Be a weirdo, don’t follow new trends, don’t follow anything; just flow every day as yourself. We are all enough. We are all beautiful. We are all human, and we should be in this made up reality of “life” together. I matter, you matter, we all fucking matter. So don’t be mean, be a friend. Be a friend to every living thing you come in contact with, your life will change once you do this I promise you that.

I love you, friends.

xoxo, Hailey

11 thoughts on “A Message to the ‘Cool’ Kids”

  1. I loved this post! It is so true, who cares who the “cool” kids are, we all need to just be ourselves and if someone doesn’t like who we are, screw them!! I have learned over the years to stop caring what others think and only care what I think of who I am!

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      1. I couldn’t agree more! A few years ago I would have to dress better just to go to the grocery store, now I will wear a t-shirt and sweat pants and not care. I decided if people do not like what I am wearing, they do not have to look at me!

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