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I Need Your Help!

Hey everyone!

Now that you’re all getting used to my new site, I thought I’d ask for a few favors. Don’t worry though because they can all be done by just a few clicks! If you love what I post and you resonate with my mission to help others take their health back, please take a moment to like, follow, and share Raw Thoughts Healing’s Facebook page! I am trying to get noticed by as many people as I can so that I can grow my client base. Your share could end up saving someone’s life. (If you suffer from an autoimmune disease, you know exactly what I mean). I teach others the tools they need in order to become the healthiest versions of themselves as possible. My goal is to coach at least 50 people by the end of this year, I don’t think that will be too challenging, especially if I have your help! So please take a few minutes to go on Facebook and like, follow, and share Raw Thoughts Healing with your friends and family! I’ll make it easy for you, click here!

I also have an Instagram, which is where I post my main social media posts. That you can find here.

What’s to come? Well, other than trying to get my business off the ground, I will be posting more on my blog about how to become healthier, sharing recipes, and also tips from my most favorite author, Anthony William! (He’s the main reason for my healing) And of course, more updates on how I feel as the months go by on my new routine. I am also planning on getting my level 2 Reiki training completed soon. I’ve got so many plans and gifts I can’t wait to share with the world.

Thank you all so much for your continuous love and support!

Peace and love,



11 thoughts on “I Need Your Help!”

    1. Thank you so much, and of course! I’m going to be blogging still except I’m going to be doing maybe once a week. But I actually turned my page into a website now so instead of just a blog, I have other sections I added. Definitely take a look around and let me know if you have any feedback! 😊

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