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Food For Thought Freestyle

Be okay with the crash.

You might not realize it now

but there’s always something to be learned;

In every situation,

In every confrontation,

In every aspect of your life.

How you react will determine your state of mind so choose wisely.

You’re not always going to get it right but in a sense you can’t be wrong.

You planted seeds on your path before you consciously arrived here.

Life’s literally a game.

So take everything slow and lay low

In this world full of confusion.

No one knows what they’re doing, so don’t fall for the illusion.

Everything’s a test,

so let your mind rest

Just be the love you were conceived in

Don’t let the ego from within

Escape the barriers of your mind.

Don’t let it stop your vibrational grind

or influence your shine.

Let it say what it wants but be the one who observes

And then silence it.

Let every word you speak flow from your heart space

Don’t let the ego show its face.

This isn’t a race, time isn’t linear

Situations seem familiar;

there’s a reason, don’t rush this.

For the one who gets there last

is the one who clears their karmic past.

For generations to come, it all starts with you

right now in this moment.

Your life isn’t bad, your perspective is just off.

Let your mind talk but don’t let it walk.

You have the power to change

And it might seem strange

But life is actually easy

Just shift with me.

You’ll blatantly see,

You can’t have good without the “bad”,

so don’t lash.

Be okay with the fucking crash.

5 thoughts on “Food For Thought Freestyle”

    1. Thank you so much I’m so happy you enjoyed it! I was hesitant to share it publicly since I usually keep my writings to myself but i thought that especially in the crazy energetic times the last week, people could use a good read from the heart💕

      Liked by 1 person

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