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Wake Up

Shift your perspective. We collectively need to take a look at what’s going on around us. The way we’re shaping our future for our children, the societal conditions we’re following and the new conditions we’re creating. Most of you are trapped in the robotic state of being brainwashed by large corporations. Wake up. You’re following news stories that are shaping you to believe that our president is the main problem, that vaccines will save you, that the food that’s mass produced is safe for human consumption, and that every person who isn’t white is either “illegal” or a “terrorist”. Wake up. The truth is often deflected by the ego, so the following sentences will either wake a part of you up or will trigger a frustrated response. The president, regardless of who it is, is just the face of a seemingly never ending game that’s controlled by well hidden, excessively wealthy families. You’re born into a system that sees you as a way to make financial gain instead of as a human being. Your social security number is not for your identity, it’s for making these wealthy families more money. So from the time you exit your mothers womb until you physically die, that’s all you are to these greedy people; a number. Does that sound ethical to you? Wake up. On another note, it’s completely ridiculous that anyone could be persuaded into thinking that skin color separates us as people. We are all humans on the same floating rock in the middle of infinite space, and people have the audacity to treat people negatively and make false accusations about them because they’re not as white as them. Aren’t all of us “white” people on the beach most summers trying to get darker? Wake up. Or what about the fact that we have these made-up borders that block people from roaming the earth freely. Don’t we do that to animals in the zoo? Which is fucked up in itself and that’s a different topic for another time, but is that what this world has come to? Humans dictating where other humans are allowed to walk around and explore the earth, all based on their financial situations and race? This is just a giant zoo that seems to have no physical exit.

Saving money and getting ahead is impossible, the sun doesn’t actually cause cancer, and no your illness doesn’t mean you’re dying. Our food we buy in most grocery stores contain chemicals and ingredients that don’t belong in the human body. Same goes for our water and the vaccines that are supposed to help the general public. All of the genetically modified foods, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, and vaccine ingredients are compromising immune systems. All of the disease and sickness we’re currently experiencing as a whole are man made. All to keep you sick but not too sick so that big pharma can continually make money off of you. Your air is polluted, your oceans are polluted, and so are the mindsets of many. There are way too many topics to touch on but I think you get the point by now. Wake up. This isn’t to depress you, I wrote this in hopes that you’ll open your eyes for the first time. Scientifically proven studies of all types are controlled as well. It’s a “pick-and-choose-and-manipulate” monopoly, so if you need “proof” to validate everything in your life, you will continue to move further away from your true state of being. I’ve been gifted with consciously knowing a lot of crazy information that I can’t always explain and I don’t know where it came from. All I know is that it’s coming from within and I trust it. We’ve all got that power, you just have to tap into it. We’re all given the gift of intuition and the way you use it is up to you. YOU know everything already. The answers to the entire universe are encoded in your being. We came to earth to unlock these codes to further our spiritual ascension.

This zoo has an exit but it’s anything but physical. You have to go within yourself. Start loving every living being, start appreciating, start meditating, stop competing, start researching things on your own, pick up a book and put the phone down, do something to raise your vibration just a little bit. We’re all currently stuck on the same planet so we’ve got to work together. Go give someone a compliment just because. Go do something out of the normal because why fucking not? Who even created the standards for “normal”? I bet you’ve never gave that a thought. Wake up. I’ve been lucky enough to choose paths in my life that have brought me to the person I am today. I was once a victim of the herd too, but I consciously chose to turn the other way and not remain a sheep. It’s never too late for change. This isn’t for likes or for someone to assume I’m “woke”. Our generation has completely destroyed the meaning of that word so it’s no longer valid. But if you’ve read this entire post, it was clearly for a reason. I hope this writing has shaken something up inside of you. We all awaken at different times in different lifetimes but maybe this is your time. Sometimes staying asleep is easier than facing this harsh reality. But I’m telling you to snap out of it and wake up, you’ve got this. You’re supported and loved so shift already, you won’t regret a thing.



5 thoughts on “Wake Up”

    1. Wow I am so honored to be noticed by even one other person of another generation. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my writing and for your kind words. I think the main issue with people my age is that they are afraid of not being heard or taken seriously. But with someone with an open mind like yourself it really gives me hope that us younger generations can still be heard and have a chance at changing the future. Looking forward to reading more of your posts ❤️

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