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It’s Time

You know what the hardest thing in the world is? Standing up for what you believe in. Standing your ground when someone tries to challenge your way of thinking. The way I think is against the norm, and I’ve accepted that. I wouldn’t change that aspect of myself because the way I think goes beyond third dimensional thinking. It’s truly a blessing that I’ve unlocked that power within myself that we all possess.

Chronic illnesses/diseases are just symptoms grouped into categories, and then completely blown out of perspective by societal conditioning, foundations, and healthcare. The information needed to actually heal is out there. That’s why I started this blog. To share my journey healing a disease I was told would never budge. I was told I could only “manage” my symptoms but would never fully get rid of the disease itself. It’s kind of funny now because although I “won” and have reversed my symptoms completely, my mind sees it as something else. Yes, I proved the haters wrong and I made my doctor speechless when he checked my blood-work. But for some reason that “normal egoic reaction” you’d think I’d experience for “being right” would surface, but it doesn’t. And instead, the feelings that surface are not coming from a state of ego or superiority. It’s more of a weight that’s lifted, a feeling of peace, a heart that just wants nothing more than to help spread real knowledge on how to heal. I feel bad for those who are stuck in a state of not being able to think for themselves, who follow the routine protocol for illnesses that keep them in the constant loop of being sick.

Covering up symptoms with medications and treatments is completely different than healing. If you want temporary relief, go to the doctor. If you want to heal, go within. Healing takes guts. You need to be willing to sit and learn the ins and outs of your own body. You know those emotions buried deep inside you, the ones that surface when you’re triggered by certain situations? Yeah, those are playing a part in your physical symptoms of the illness you were diagnosed with. Healing from within brings attention to the things your mind can’t comprehend on a conceptual level. Our society terms this type of healing as “miracles”. Technically it shouldn’t even have a word because the reality you can create is limitless. Some things can’t be explained in words -make your conditioned, logical mind accept that.

A lot of people can’t face this fact: you are the cause of your suffering. That’s a lot to take in. That statement will probably trigger a defensive reaction. Unfortunately, it’s 100% true. It’s actually not that unfortunate though if you really think about it. If you are the one causing your suffering, can’t you be the one to take away that suffering? The answer is yes. When I realized I had subconsciously created my body to form an illness (categorized as “Lupus” by a logical reality), I had no idea what to think about life anymore. My entire perspective on the world shifted. It only made sense – if I create my own reality, then sure enough I created this illness I was suffering from. I took full responsibility for my actions. Every act performed, every situation indulged, and every thought manifested had played a part in my state of wellbeing.

So I started to monitor my every move. Everything I said and did was carefully observed by a part of me that sat on the sidelines as I simultaneously watched myself live out my life. Shifting my awareness to the observer, away from the actor, was the greatest gift I have ever learned. (Thanks Eckhart Tolle, Rasha, Deepak Chopra, and Ryuho Okawa for helping me remember, you da realest authors). By doing this, I could be aware of my reactions to situations, straight down to the emotions that creeped their way through. This didn’t happen overnight and it sure as hell was not an easy mechanism to put into practice. But I’m still learning, as I should be, and I make it my top priority to inform myself on topics that greatly effect my wellbeing. The books I read are not “read this and preach it” type books. They are books that put experiences and situations into conceptual ideas. And from those conceptual ideas, they’re perfectly worded in a way that makes you think for yourself. They trigger this deep knowing from within that comes out to play when you’re in that meditative state of “reading”. You can’t just read the words in these books, you have to go past that and feel the information they cause to float to the surface of your being. Be open to this knowing and you’ll experience it for yourself.

Now that I’ve taken full responsibility, I can live my life knowing that I am in control. That’s an amazing feeling and my goal is to help others reach this knowing.

It’s time. It’s time for you to take responsibility for you. Become in touch with yourself, your true self, and watch your world shift in ways that you’d never imagine. Whatever your suffering may look like, whether that be a physical illness, a mental battle, etc. know that it’s not forever and that you have the power to transcend it all. It will be uncomfortable at first and take a lot of self discipline, but eventually the pain will reside and you can be free – in every sense of the word.

Just go within.

As above, so below.



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