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Tips For Mindful Eating

First of all, eating is a sacred act in itself. In other countries, the act of eating is taken very seriously, especially for those who follow an Ayurvedic lifestyle. But being from the western part of the world, we don’t view eating the same way, which is a huge factor in why we have so many  issues.

Eating should be treated like a ceremony. That may sound weird to some of you but if you look at the big picture – we are humans trying to feed our bodies nutrients so that our bodies can thrive. Without food and the act of eating/drinking, we wouldn’t be alive in this realm. Scarfing down food can cause a plethora of health issues and eating food with bad intentions will cause negative effects on the body. Just like how talking down on yourself will have a negative outcome, your words are just as powerful with how you talk to and about your food.

Tips for eating more mindfully:

  1. No matter what you believe in – God, Buddha, Universal Energy, Santa Claus, whatever – expressing gratitude should be the first thing you do right before you ingest anything. It doesn’t have to be out loud, you can quietly express this to yourself or in your head. It’s important to have a good relationship between you and your food or else you will cause a negative reaction. (Which can lead to weight gain, acne, and a whole bunch of crap you just don’t want to deal with).
  2. Eat slowly. Chew your food fully before swallowing and leave at least 45 seconds between each bite. Your body needs time to process what you’re eating (obviously). If you eat quickly, you’re confusing your digestive system and can cause inflammation in gut. We are so accustomed to finishing our meals quickly but slow the f*** down, yo. What’s the rush?
  3. Talk to your food. Yes this is a thing people do and it’s not only fun but it’s truly beneficial for your body and your food. First off, food that is meant to be digested by your body is alive, a.k.a. fruits and vegetables. Each fruit and vegetable has a vibration of its own. So you can talk/think positive affirmations to them to raise their vibrations and vice versa. Tell your food you love it, tell it that you know it will provide your body with nutrients, tell it that it’s beautiful. Go crazy with this and have fun. Don’t give a sh*t about what others will think of you, they can take their low-vibrational food elsewhere as you raise the frequency of your own food.
  4. Don’t let yourself be distracted by things such as you phone or television. Your focus should be on your food only. Like I said, eating should be a ceremony and all of your attention should be shifted towards your food on your plate. This may not seem like a big deal, but it is. Try leaving your phone in the other room during meals, and instead of watching tv, have relaxing music playing while you eat. Based on your experience with meditation, eating should be somewhat meditative. To really get the hang of this, get rid fo all distractions. Encourage family members and friends to do the same if they’re eating at the table with you so that you’re not stuck chit-chatting about unproductive gossip.

These are only a few tips, but I found these are the most effective. I use these almost every time I eat. I have gotten pretty good at this so I don’t need to talk out loud, but feel free to do what you’re comfortable with.

Using these techniques will help you build a better relationship with you and your food, help you conquer your bad habit of overeating, and also assist you in becoming a more mindful person all around.

Try this for a week or two, take note of the benefits, and implement this new habit immediately!

If you slow down small aspects of your life a little at a time, it can really improve you stress levels and your overall health and way of living. Start with how you eat!

Also remember that these techniques will be most beneficial with foods that are from mother earth, a.k.a f***ing FRUITS AND VEGETABLES, people.

Happy eating!



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