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The synchronicities and the surfacing of old patterns and the pain and the discomfort and the frustration and the confusion and old emotions – we’re all experiencing some sort of growth right now.

We all heal at different times in different ways at different paces, but what stays consistently the same is that in the end, we’re okay. Things can get as ugly as you make them out to be but always remember that the way you perceive situations is a reflection of the work that still needs to be done. We all have self work that needs to be done, a lot of it. And we’ll always have self work that needs to be done, especially at this point in time.

Things are changing and life seems a little weirder than usual and you feel weirder than usual. I know this because I feel weirder than usual. I’m changing, I’m dying, I’m creating, I’m forgiving, I’m crying, I’m purging, I’m laughing, I’m catching myself when I realize an old way of thinking arises within me. I’m growing. I give myself the space and acceptance to continue growing. What I think today could be completely different tomorrow, the same goes for what I say, how I feel, how I see the world – and that’s okay.

Growing isn’t comfortable or pretty or graceful or easy. But maybe it is. Maybe your perception and the way you are has been holding you back from being this new emerging “you”, the entire time. Maybe you’ve always been this new you. You have. I have. And I realize this now. I realize that we put ourselves through situations, knowingly or not, because each encounter gets us back a step closer to ourSELVES. We started out as who we wanted to be. We were thrown a bunch of theories, opinions, philosophies, societal standards, and rules – which only took us away from our true being.

We’re spending our lives trying to figure out why this is happening or why that’s happening or why this person did this to me, when what we should actually be trying to figure out is who we are and how we strayed away from that being. And who you are can only be found within. If you never go within, you’re just making your life a lot more difficult than it has to be.

Be easy with yourself and leave space for self growth.



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