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What are you doing?

What are you doing? Are you judging? Are you comparing? Are you negative self talking to your self? Are you thinking you aren’t worthy? Are you wishing you could change something you physically cannot change?

Fucking stop it. There’s no reason to compare, to judge, to wish to be someone else, or to wish to look like someone else. There’s no reason to think you aren’t important.

Your thoughts matter, your feelings matter, your hard work matters, your ideas matter – YOU fucking matter. If not to anyone else, than you do to me.

The one thing that truly rips my heart in half is hearing someone say that aren’t important, their life has no purpose, or they’re afraid to share what they’re excited about for the fear of sounding stupid.

From this day forward you are going to start telling yourself you’re a badass, you’re beautiful, you matter, your dreams will come true, and your ideas will change someone’s life. This isn’t me asking you, I’m TELLING you that you have to do this.

If you don’t, you’re going to drive yourself crazy. Don’t make life harder than it has to be. We’re all here on earth doing the same thing – trying to find our way “home” where ever or what ever that might mean for you.

What you look like doesn’t matter. What you have doesn’t matter.

How you treat others is what matters. How you carry yourself and how you act is what matters. How big your heart is, is what fucking matters.

It really bothers me that most of us have it all backwards. Most are looking for outside validation that they matter. If you don’t matter to yourself? What in the world makes you think you should matter to someone else.

Self love – it comes from within and it shines through every pore on your body. If you love yourself, it shows. People can literally see the love pouring out of you.

I know you know what I’m talking about. We’ve all met at least one person who just makes your mood a thousand times better, someone who smiles and your bad day is turned into good. It doesn’t have to be a lover or a family member. It could be a stranger or a co worker or your cashier or your gas station attendant or your coffee shop waitress. It can be anyone.

If that can be anyone, flip it around – YOU could be that someone for somebody else. That in itself is a magical thought. We’re all co creating this illusionary world together, therefore each and every one of us, as long as we’re alive and breathing – matter.

Let’s end this competition. Between each other, between generations, between ourselves. Judging and comparing and jealousy, there’s no space for that here in this non linear, infinite reality. That’s an old way of thinking. Times are changing.

We’re living in a time now where age doesn’t matter, where the youth are speaking up and taking action towards change. And for that reason alone, we should all love one another and be proud of the courageous acts and the unconditional love from those around us.


Spread it, let it shine through you.

I love you, I truly do.

Xoxo, Hailey

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