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Spiritual & Emotional Purging

Autoimmune diseases are emotional diseases (hold on to your hats because your doctor won’t tell you this). 

One of the main thoughts that you need to keep in the front of your mind, is this: there’s not always something ‘wrong’ with you. Many people will have symptoms, Google what it could mean, and before you know it they’re pumping their body with flu medicines or over the counter drugs from the pharmacy. Sure sometimes you could catch a cold or the flu and experience certain symptoms, but have you ever looked deeper than that? I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, I even have it tattooed on my ribs. Think about it this way, you could be experiencing certain symptoms because you’re body is telling you that you are energetically ready to deal with your suppressed emotions.

Emotions will present themselves in physical form only when you are ready to confront them head on, so trust this process. And instead of going into a panic mode, really sit with yourself and feel where these emotions are coming from. I will go into this topic deeper in a future online course that I am working on. But the reason that I am writing a little bit about this now is because times are changing, fast. We’re becoming more aligned with our true selves the more we take the time to work on ourselves through meditation, journaling, earthing, removing toxic people and situations, etc. 

I want to take a minute to write about my recent experience with this. As you know, I eat a plant based diet, follow medical medium protocols, and live a very toxic-free lifestyle. The daily routine I have found that best fits my needs has been working wonders over the last 6 months. So when I started feeling a little funky, I really had to sit and think about what I could be doing differently that could have triggered an emotional response. Then it clicked – I have been working super hard to clear as much childhood trauma that I possibly can. Through meditation, journaling techniques, and working with Angels, I got myself to some pretty dark places (on purpose). The reason being was because the suppressed emotions from when I was a child were begging to be looked at, felt, and wanted to be released once and for all for the sole reason that they don’t serve me any purpose anymore. I threw myself into a pool of painful emotions and experienced my deepest fears, guilt, blame, anger, sadness, and resentment – this was a very hard, painful process to endure but I knew this was the next step in my healing journey. I cried, I screamed, I was terrified (to the point where it was like I was time traveling to the past), but eventually all of those emotions subsided and I was left with a feeling of emptiness for a day or two. Not many feelings, or thoughts, or even emotions to the outside world. I knew the days to follow were going to be filled with the physical response to this intense emotional release – and I was right. 

Symptoms I started to experience after the release: 

-Pain in the left side of my body (feet, legs, knees, hips, arms, elbows, hands, fingers)

-Pain in my upper back, neck and back of the head

-Dizziness, nauseousness, followed by physical purging (puke)


-Non stop itching and rash on my ankles and hands

-Intense body heat, fevers, and really bad heat coming out of my hands (the worst pain I have ever felt till this day)

-Weakness in my body (hard to stand up without needing to lay down)

-Extreme fatigue, followed by restless, sleepless nights

So the main thing as I said in the beginning, is to not panic and remember that there is not always something ‘wrong’. Intuitively, I knew that I had just created an outlet for the emotions to fully release in the only way they know how – through my physical body. The left side of your body deals with your mother and the right side of your body deals with your father. The specific release work I was doing, I was focusing on clearing emotional ties with my mother, hence the right-side pain. The way I live my life, I knew the symptoms could not have been food/chemical induced. By allowing releases like this to happen, by fully surrendering to the pain and emotions – you’re making room for growth on a deep energetic level. So not only did I initiate an intense release, I also made room for an energetic upgrade. And I also noticed this all happened during the week of the full moon (this part was not planned but that just goes to show you how intertwined and in sync you really are with the universe- divine timing at its finest). 

The point of this post, and what I hope you will frequently remember, is that just because you randomly experience symptoms that you used to blame on your “diagnosis” does not mean that you are relapsing, and definitely doesn’t mean that the work you’ve done when it comes to changing around your diet and lifestyle is failing you. It simply means that you are healing. You will never fully be healed – we came to this earth in this period of time to heal as much of our souls as possible. We are in rapidly changing times and are about to cross over into a 5D reality. It’s already happening and we must remember that we are okay, we must surrender to the flow and just let it happen. If you are experiencing the same symptoms I had, or are having a whole different experience, I ask that you watch some videos about your physical body upgrading. It’s doing this so that it can prepare you for this new reality. A couple of my favorite videos about this, I will post at the very end of this post.

You’re okay, we’re okay – we’re just healing. 

Love you,



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