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Sjogren’s Syndrome, Systemic Lupus, Fibromyalgia, & Raynaud’s Syndrome – How I Healed

A lot of you have been asking me to write about Sjogren’s so I’m going to do my best to share my experience and include what I do that has helped my health overall.

What this will include: MY personal experience and how I dealt with symptoms.

What this will not include: a secret answer to your health issues. It took me a long time to get my health under control, there’s no one answer for each health problem. It took a lot of self studying and research and tons of trial and error to get where I am at today. It will take the same discipline for you to conquer your health.

So if you were looking for a cure-all, I apologize but this post will not provide that information to you since there is no cure-all for any illness or any body.

Here is my experience: 

My blood-work still tests positive for the specific Sjogren’s antibody – back in 2015 I was experiencing symptoms such as dry mouth with really bad cuts and sores to the point where every type of food hurt to eat, hoarseness in my voice, joint pain, dry skin, and swollen lymph nodes. I don’t really have much to say other than I started following the medical medium protocols by Anthony William and ever since I’ve stayed strict on that lifestyle and way of eating, I haven’t had any Sjogren’s symptoms. With a plant based diet and a positive mindset, most of my symptoms from each diagnosis disappeared. I can’t pin point exactly what I did differently than those who have no relief from severe Sjogren’s other than saying that a strict and balanced, plant based diet, a toxic free lifestyle, and a lot of clean, pure water wiped my symptoms clean.

What I do

1.) I eat plant-based. I stay away from dairy, gluten, meat, canola oil, expeller pressed/hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, corn, MSG’s (natural flavors), artificial flavors/sweeteners, citric acid, L-carnitine, glandular, supplements, whey protein, fish oil, processed sugar, salt, alcohol, processed foods, and pharmaceuticals.

2.) I eat a lot of fruits, a lot of vegetables, a lot of beans, and a lot of greens. I juice fresh celery every morning, I buy mostly organic produce, and I eat almost every two hours. I try to drink the cleanest water possible so I purify my water with shungite. For my specific symptoms for each diagnosis, I add in foods that correlate with what medical medium suggests will help. I’ve followed his protocols for awhile now and it hasn’t failed me yet and has actually been the only thing to really help me heal. I educated myself on Marijuana, and the differences between each type of strain and use it as a healing tool. (This has had a huge impact on my healing)

3.) I meditate, I read self discovery books, I practice breathing techniques, and I am a firm believer that what you tell yourself is true. With that being said I haven’t claimed to have Lupus, Sjogren’s, Fibromyalgia, and Raynaud’s Syndrome. I always say I was diagnosed with them due to the symptoms that were present. What you believe in your mind – your body and life will work hard to create. By not identifying with any of the diagnoses, I have been able to heal a lot quicker. (That’s why I started this blog with a name that had nothing to do with a diagnosis) I don’t draw attention to the names of the diagnoses which in return will leave me the space necessary to heal from the symptoms.

4.) I protect my energy and take my mental and physical health very seriously. Some might think I’m a little extreme but when it comes down to it, I could’ve been dead right now. But because I chose to make my health my full time job, healing the said “impossible” has occurred. Putting yourself first is the most important thing when healing because you’re in such a delicate state of being when you’re trying to clean your body of the damage that’s been done. I eliminated toxic people, a toxic environment, and a toxic lifestyle. This was all very necessary to get me to a space where I could heal. It takes a lot of sacrificing of old beliefs, thought patterns, and familiar routines. But if you want to heal, then you need to be willing to do whatever it takes. 

5.) The supplements I take are ever changing as each symptom arises and disappears. But as of right now I am currently taking vegan, plant powder capsules that equal to 40 different fruits and veggies per day, plant derived/organic DHA and Astaxanthin, plant based vitamin b12, lemon balm, and a plant based iron supplement. The reason behind each one I am currently taking is based off of the symptoms I’m currently experiencing. I won’t be on all of these forever but for now this is what is working for me. Listen to your body.

6.) I don’t use chemicals in my household at all. I use clean and natural body care products, I use coconut oil and charcoal as my toothpaste (avoid fluoride at all costs!), and I use all natural cleaning supplies. I protect myself from radiation as much as I can by turning my phone to airplane mode at night, using orgone around the house to protect myself from EMF radiation, and avoiding medical testing machines and airport security machines. Yes it is expensive to keep up with my lifestyle but my health is more important than anything so I prioritize and do what it takes to live as clean as possible.

By living like this every day and by treating my health as my number one priority, my symptoms have vanished. Joint pain, voice hoarseness, sores in the mouth, dry skin, swollen lymph nodes, migraines, brain fog – it’s all vanishing day by day. My voice is not 100% back to normal but it’s getting there. My brain fog is gone. My sores in my mouth are a thing of the past. My dry skin is no longer an issue. Migraines don’t happen anymore. My lymph nodes are not swollen every day like they used to be. My joints don’t hurt anymore. The main thing I am working on right now is muscle weakness. From not doing heavy physical activity like I was used to for many years, my muscles have weakened tremendously. But that can always be fixed by a constant stretching and low weight bearing routine. I have been trying to implement that in my daily routine and plan on gaining my strength back very soon. It is very frustrating that my wrists, fingers, shoulders, and ankles are so weak. But there’s a difference between pain and weakness which I fully understand now. I see it as starting over, with practice and dedication my body will be physically strong again in the near future.

Like I said in the beginning, I cannot provide you with a direct, cure-all answer on how to heal yourself from Sjogren’s (or Lupus, or Fibro, or Raynauds). I can’t tell you how to live, what to think, or even what to eat. But I can share what worked for me. Pick up the Medical Medium series by Anthony William on Amazon or at your local library/bookstore (4 books in total) and start dissecting your own diagnosis and implementing the suggested lifestyle and dietary changes. Each person’s body is different and has different things to heal from which is why fad diets and diet plans don’t work for many people. Medical Medium information is not a diet plan, nor is it a diet at all. It’s information about each fruit and vegetable and how it can help you heal certain symptoms, it suggests foods to avoid, as well as provide insight on the truth behind all of the chronic illnesses out there. Read it with an open mind, and if you think it’s total BS, that’s your own issue to deal with.

I lived it and am still living it and it’s the only information that’s been provided that has actually helped me heal, along with thousands and thousands of others. I weened myself off of all pharmaceuticals when I felt the timing was right (this was my own decision). As I learned and healed, I was able to start trusting my body more and saw that it was working for me, not against me. I’ve brought myself from a state of complete dependency, to living like a normal individual again. Clearly I’m doing something right if I was diagnosed as one of my doctor’s most severe cases of Systemic Lupus, and am now living a pain free life without the help of medications.

Pain and illness are a state of mind – understand that and go back to the basics. Tackle one symptom at a time and trust that you will heal. You will never know what works and doesn’t work for you if you don’t try. It takes a lot of dedication and patience so I suggest you start doing your research as soon as you can. Take it day by day.

Hope this helps, happy healing!


24 thoughts on “Sjogren’s Syndrome, Systemic Lupus, Fibromyalgia, & Raynaud’s Syndrome – How I Healed”

  1. Such an interesting share! Thank you for taking the time to explain your personal experience and what has helped you. I have separate issues which have caused me to eat a similar diet. It is interesting what our food can cure or what our food can cause.

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  2. After 50 years of dealing with lupus, I experienced my first Sjogrens flare. After six months on the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), I started reintroducing foods. I tried a favorite recipe for spinach, sauteed in olive oil with garlic and red pepper flakes. Those flakes hit my mouth and then went straight to my brain and my digestive system. I became so disoriented that I fell rushing to the bathroom. Not out of the woods yet.

    Recently, I needed an MRI of my lumbar spine. My mouth and throat were so dry that I could not reflex swallow and had to bail out of the open machine.

    Life goes on. But at age 72, I really did not need this setback. 😊

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    1. I am so sorry you have been dealing with this for so long and that you have recently had another flare. There’s calmer water ahead! Definitely take a look at the medical medium series by Anthony William, not only will you find actual answers to help you heal your symptoms but you can find tons of recipes that will assist in healing your body. Best of luck on your journey 💕

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  3. Awesome post! Thanks for sharing your healing journey as I think it helps many people. These are typically the kinds of things we need to do for autoimmune healing. I wrote about mine in my new holistic healing book. So happy to hear of your good health now and keep writing !!!

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      1. Thank you! It’s on Amazon. “The Blueprint for Vibrant Health: A Guide to Healing the Mind, Body, and Spirit”. I hope you love it! And maybe you’ll write one too?

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  4. We have a lot in common! No pharmaceutical regimen due to chemical sensitivities. Mostly organic household here too. Admittedly, I eat grass fed meat and dairy. Gluten is my arch nemesis. I went Keto for awhile and felt tons better but I had some other issues pop up. Currently looking for an alternative way to eat for better health. However, I’m allergic to all nuts and seeds so I’m nervous about protein sources if I go vegetarian. Ideas?

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    1. The biggest misconception about plant based eating or veganism or vegetarianism is the protein factor. I haven’t had an issue with this for the sole reason that if you think about it, where do the animals you consume get their protein? Plants! So by transitioning to a more ethical way of eating, you’re not only energetically changing the way your body works for you but you’re also going straight to the source, plants provide you everything you need! I would definite recommend checking out Anthony William’s first book Medical Medium and trying the 28 day cleanse that he provides. The biggest part of healing is trial and error and trying to find what it is that you’re body is trying to tell you. Also check out his radio show, social media, and other books he has in the series. There’s a ton of information and other people’s experiences (including my own) that might help with the specific symptoms you’re having! Hope this helps😊

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