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New Year, New Mindset

Goodbye 2018, thanks for the amazing experiences! As we get settled in Colorado, Tyler and I have been working hard to have control over how we feel. It’s very hard to grasp the concept of catching your ego in the act but with practice, life gets easier to deal with. We’re staying positive and dedicating our time to self growth and building a happy family.

New Year’s resolutions don’t really resonate with me because I try to be a better person every day of the year.

You don’t need to lose 20lbs, buy new clothes, purchase a new car, or even commit to a gym membership that will go to waste 3 weeks in.

Instead of having an external goal this year, let’s try to be more aware of ourselves as a collective.

If we each individually set aside time to work on ourselves, you will not only be benefiting yourself but you’ll be benefiting all of society (I know, crazy right?!)

That should just solidify your understanding of how important you actually are in this world.

This year I’m challenging you to the following:

1.) Make yourself a priority. Set aside at least 1 hour a day to doing something you love (singing, dancing, a sport, creating art, reading, etc.) the amount of time you allow for this activity can and should increase over time.

2.) Each night before bed, grab a journal and write down what you are thankful for in that moment. Then create a list of affirmations (“I Am” statements. The lists could be short or long, as long as you’re expressing gratitude it won’t matter how many things are on your list.

3.) Every time you notice a thought that is a judgement towards someone else or yourself, try to catch it in its tracks. I literally will say “no” in my head when I notice any judge-mental thoughts and then I’ll redirect it by thinking something positive about myself or the person it’s about. We’re human and we’re far too conditioned to stop every judgment thought, but if you’re at least trying to catch and redirect those thoughts, your life will flow a lot smoother.

4.) Smile more! The biggest difference I’ve noticed from traveling and moving from New Jersey to Colorado is that everyone in the Midwest and on the west coast is so much more happier and more personable than those on the east coast. Start smiling at people you’re passing by in the street, start spreading your shine to everyone you come into contact with, shit – even smile at yourself in the mirror. Even if you’re in a bad mood, just smile because odds are it will benefit you as well.

5.) Slow down and appreciate every moment. This can be hard since we are used to being so go-go-go but slowing down and taking in each moment for what it is can be such a beautiful, mind-expanding, eye-opening experience. Whenever you notice your anxiety start to kick in or you feel your frustration start to rise, take a step back and breathe until you can identify each thought. Get yourself out of a spin by slowing down your breathing and your mind. There’s no need to rush or worry, you’re always protected and being divinely guided. Trust.

By committing to the things on this short list, I can 100% guarantee that your mindset will shift and your life will start happening for you rather than seeming to be against you. Energy will flow into your life more easily, all you have to do is have enough will power to implement these 5 things. Along the way you can spread your positivity and share with friends and family on what you’re doing to make your life more simple.

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Happy New Year, everyone! Thanks for all of the love and support this past year. I hope your year is filled with abundance, happiness, good health, and love 💕



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