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How I Dealt With Costochondritis

If you know what Costochondritis is and you have had it before, my heart goes out to you. If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically the inflammation of the cartilage that connects the rib to the breastbone. It’s the worst pain I think I have ever experienced. In March of 2018, I was experiencing weird symptoms that I had never felt.

-Chest Pain-

-Pain under my left breast with every breath-

-Pain in my left back side with every breath-

-Inability to take a full deep breath-

-Inability to breathe a small breath without pain-

-Inability to make sudden movements without pain in my back and under my breast-

-Inability to sit, stand, or lay comfortably-

My frustration was at an all-time high and the pain was at its worst. Once my doctor had figured out what it was, I was given medications to help with the pain. The medication did not help and I don’t remember the name of it but once I realized it wasn’t doing anything I stopped taking it within a week. The shitty thing about Costochondritis is that it’s similar to a cold (obviously on a much more intense scale) that you have to just ride out and wait for it to pass. Medications did not work and neither did anti-inflammatories.

For me, the symptoms lasted for about 2 weeks or so. There was no known cause other than being told “oh that happens with autoimmune diseases sometimes” (great answer right?) I had never experienced it before and I haven’t experienced it again after that one time in March. I remember not even being able to find a comfortable position to sit, stand, or lay and I couldn’t lift my arms without it sending a shooting pain to under my breast and my back. It’s extremely painful and almost impossible to get the pain to settle. But I found a few things that seemed to have somewhat of an impact.

What I did to ease the pain: 

Sombra – If you are experiencing symptoms from Costochondritis, buy a huge container of this all natural cooling gel. This literally saved me on my worst nights. Rub it on all pain areas and apply as needed. You can find this on Amazon, I linked it to the word if you click on it. This is great for all external pain you have!

Not Panicking – This was hard due to the intense amount of pain but if I started to panic and cry, it made the pain so much worse. So I really needed to calm myself down and meditate the best I could. Just remember that the pain will NOT last forever, you just have to stick it out and deal with it the best that you can. Try to meditate with a short and slow breath to calm your nerves. Also breathe in some lavender essential oil while doing this meditation. The truth is, you will panic and you will feel like it’s the end of your life (yes, for those who have never experienced this, the pain is that bad), but if you just switch your mindset in the moment and you remind yourself that this isn’t forever and that you are going to be okay, your nerves will calm down a little bit.

Edibles – I use marijuana a lot in my healing routine but smoking flower when having Costochondritis symptoms didn’t help me. I just needed to find a way to get it in my body without smoking it. So I made a very, VERY potent edible at home since I knew that the THC and CBD contents would obviously help. I didn’t mean to make it as potent as I did but everything happens for a reason right? I ate that edible on a Friday night and didn’t fully come down until Sunday night. It forced me to spend 3 relaxing days in bed sleeping. For the first time in almost 2 weeks I was able to sleep, my body was relaxed, and I was able to rest and recover whatever was going on. When I woke up on Sunday, my symptoms from Costochondritis were completely gone. Sometimes you just need to get knocked the fuck out for a couple of days so your body can fully rest. (I don’t usually eat edibles because I like smoking flower better, but at least I know that if Costochondritis ever decides to show up again I know how to get it to go away!)

On a more spiritual level, the left side of your body deals with issues with your mother. (And the right side of your body deals with issues with your father) I did not learn this until months later after I had already experienced the Costochondritis symptoms although once I was taught that, I was able to dig deeper. I looked at all of the things that I could possibly think of that dealt with my mother, meditated on it, journaled, cried, laughed, and just had a full release of emotions. This not only helped our relationship in the present moment, but I am confident that I will never have a Costochondritis flare ever again. Take a look at what is going on in your life a little deeper than you normally would, you might find something that is contributing to an aspect of your suffering.

I hope that this helps you if you are currently suffering from Costochondritis!






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