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The Semi-Full Story

[For my new blog followers, website visitors, and new friends - this is a more detailed explanation of my health journey. The actual full story will be in my first book, coming soon!]   “Why does everything hurt so bad?” I asked my 20 year old self as I was trying to get dressed for… Continue reading The Semi-Full Story

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It’s Time

You know what the hardest thing in the world is? Standing up for what you believe in. Standing your ground when someone tries to challenge your way of thinking. The way I think is against the norm, and I’ve accepted that. I wouldn’t change that aspect of myself because the way I think goes beyond… Continue reading It’s Time

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This is devastating for me to even bring up.

I'm a college graduate who got sick at the worst time. Lupus is a tricky asshole who likes to play games that I don't want to be a part of anymore. I am not physically stable enough to hold a job right now. I'm in the middle of a disability claim that was recently denied… Continue reading This is devastating for me to even bring up.

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Friendly Reminder

I've said it before but it's important that we don't forget. The best way to heal is to listen to your body. If you feel like shit, cancel everything and take time for yourself. Lay in bed and relax. It sounds easy, but when every inch of your body is aching it can be hard… Continue reading Friendly Reminder

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Just Some Words

Choosing to fully heal means you're choosing to die. Not physically die from this 3-dimensional world, but emotionally, mentally and spiritually from the inside out. How can you heal any other way? Layer after layer, deeper and deeper, that karmic energy continuously sheds into the abyss. It's really hard. It's so fucking painful to the point… Continue reading Just Some Words