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Sacral Chakra Vs. Belly Button Ring

If you've been following my social media, you've probably already seen me talk about the gallbladder issues and digestion issues I have been having on and off since October. I eat super clean and follow a strict and balanced plant based diet, so I knew food couldn't have been the issue. My friend Meryl and… Continue reading Sacral Chakra Vs. Belly Button Ring

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It’s Time

You know what the hardest thing in the world is? Standing up for what you believe in. Standing your ground when someone tries to challenge your way of thinking. The way I think is against the norm, and I’ve accepted that. I wouldn’t change that aspect of myself because the way I think goes beyond… Continue reading It’s Time

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Surrendering To Your Body

When I say "surrendering to your body", I don't mean to give up. I'm saying to just surrender to the pain you feel. Don't judge the pain and don't have thoughts about the pain. Just acknowledge that the pain is there but try not to be attached to it. I know this sounds like it's… Continue reading Surrendering To Your Body