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As We Walk

If you followed my blog since I started, you know I love to write. Today I played the song Nuvole Bianche by Ludovico Einaudi, one of the most beautiful piano songs I've ever heard. I let the music flow through me and this is what came out. Enjoy ♥ I'm here in my feelings and… Continue reading As We Walk

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Tips For Mindful Eating

First of all, eating is a sacred act in itself. In other countries, the act of eating is taken very seriously, especially for those who follow an Ayurvedic lifestyle. But being from the western part of the world, we don't view eating the same way, which is a huge factor in why we have so many  issues.… Continue reading Tips For Mindful Eating

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No Longer a Burden

Living with a chronic illness is hard. But have you ever thought about how hard it is for your significant other and family? I used to get really depressed when I thought about how this effects my loved ones, it made me feel like a such burden. Why is this fair to them? Why should… Continue reading No Longer a Burden

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Rainy Day Rituals

It's literally impossible for me to have a physically good day when it's raining/snowing. My body can't handle the barometric pressure change. So when I wake up to the sound of rain drops, I automatically start planning things for myself to do. My main thought that goes through my head is "I don't want to… Continue reading Rainy Day Rituals