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Wake Up

Shift your perspective. We collectively need to take a look at what’s going on around us. The way we’re shaping our future for our children, the societal conditions we’re following and the new conditions we’re creating. Most of you are trapped in the robotic state of being brainwashed by large corporations. Wake up. You’re following… Continue reading Wake Up

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A Message to the ‘Cool’ Kids

You are not better than anyone. I am not better than anyone. We are all one consciousness vibrating on different levels. We all have different looks and personalities and quirky things about us that makes us all so unique. After a long weekend of hiking, my body needed tons of rest so I just finished… Continue reading A Message to the ‘Cool’ Kids

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Doctor, Dickhead, or Dumbass?

RANT. Okay so this is kind of going to be a rant-type post because WHAT THE F. I went to the gastroenterologist yesterday because I have been having really bad heartburn and indigestion. I eat really well so I know its from being on steroids and multiple medications in the past but I was going… Continue reading Doctor, Dickhead, or Dumbass?

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Loving Yourself First

If you really want to heal, then you need to STOP. Stop comparing yourself. Stop judging yourself. Stop with the hate comments in your head. If there's one thing I have learned in this lifetime, it's that you need to love yourself. Growing up, I acquired a lot of baggage that centered around my self image.… Continue reading Loving Yourself First