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Sacral Chakra Vs. Belly Button Ring

If you’ve been following my social media, you’ve probably already seen me talk about the gallbladder issues and digestion issues I have been having on and off since October. I eat super clean and follow a strict and balanced plant based diet, so I knew food couldn’t have been the issue.

My friend Meryl and I, (@embodied_on_earth) were having a conversation about these issues and she randomly asked me if I had a belly button ring in. Confused as to why she was asking me this, I told her that I’ve had one in for years and haven’t even really changed it often so it’s been there for awhile. She told me that a woman who did energy work on her was super adamant about advising against belly button rings because it blocks the energy flow through your lower chakras.

Sitting there really thinking about this, it just made complete sense – a foreign object that isn’t supposed to be there was causing a blockage of energy in my sacral chakra. This would explain all of the random symptoms associated with that area. So I ended up taking it out right away.

It’s been about two weeks and I haven’t had one digestion issue. No severe bloating, no stomach pain, nothing. My mind was blown when I realized that I had relief from these symptoms the second I took it out.

The sacral chakra is right where our belly buttons are, so it makes sense that if you interfere with this space in any way, it will effect the flow of energy through your body. I loved the way the ring looked and was honestly super upset that I was taking it out. But now that all of the symptoms are gone and don’t seem like they are going to come back, I will not be putting a belly button ring back in ever again.

I wish I knew of this a long time ago but it doesn’t seem like many people talk about this. And I felt like I needed to share this because this could help so many people! Have you had an experience with this situation? I’d love to know! Shoot me and email or leave a comment if you want to talk about this topic, I’m so fascinated by the concept of this so I would love to hear your input!

Also, I started a new business venture and I am SO FRIKEN EXCITED to share it all with you next month. I don’t want to give too much away, but let’s just say it has to with the one thing we all need to survive and it’s something that we don’t always have access to a clean source that we can trust. *cough, cough* Water. Having pure, clean water that isn’t tainted with fluoride, pharmaceuticals, chlorine, rust, you name it – is extremely hard to come by. (Yes even bottled water is not safe, but that’s obvious because it’s in a plastic container).

I’ll be releasing a free web class next month that is going to be talking on the topics of clean water, being your own boss, and manifesting the life of your dreams through positive intentions (no this is not an MLM or some other scam). More to come soon!



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