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As We Walk

If you followed my blog since I started, you know I love to write. Today I played the song Nuvole Bianche by Ludovico Einaudi, one of the most beautiful piano songs I’ve ever heard. I let the music flow through me and this is what came out.

Enjoy ♥

I’m here in my feelings and it’s so hard to speculate

the more I learn the more I want to educate


on knowing themselves and never taking life for granted.

The possibilities are endless; your mind – expanded.

If you feel like something’s been missing,

it’s the sense of self worth you’ve been dissing.

Knowing your worth in this time of change

is the most important aspect of your healing.

So please look in the mirror and smile;

your painful layers are finally peeling


But its okay,

don’t be afraid

of the person you’re becoming, of the demons that you’re fighting.

As long as love is your focus, you can’t be wrong strumming-

to the beat of your own soul, why shun that away,

why try to cover up the shine that wants to sway

in unison with the vibrations of a raising consciousness.

There’s no reason to fear, isn’t that why we’re all here,

to feel these emotions,

in the midst of all the earthly commotion?

So who said you weren’t worth it?

Was it the pressure of society and the rising tension?

Well you know what?

Fuck that – you’re a human,

who’s capable of unlimited expression.

So express yourself in any way you feel called to

and just know I’ll be standing right there beside you..

but I wont be judging or even joining.

I’ll be watching,

in amazement of what the human the mind is capable of creating.

You’re perfect just the way you are

and the unique gifts you attain are worth so much more

than self doubt.

Share your gifts with yourself and then with world,

but please promise me you’ll allow your light to shine no matter what you’re told.

Flip the script now;

this is really just a reminder for myself.

I am powerful,

I have the ability

to create the reality

that I want to live in so I can flourish

into the best version of myself that I can embody on this earth.

Ever-changing with tides of the waves of life

I will not pick up that knife


What’s the point?

Giving up the gift of existence is selfish

and I know that I have the strength to make it.

No one else has my vibration, so why waste it?

I’m here to change lives and make an impact on this world.

Each day is another chance to rise with the Sun without a single doubt

and I know she’s just a glimpse of the light inside me that’s begging to pour out.

This is a duty now, and I vow

to share my gifts with the world,

despite what I’m told.

I take my own hand, and I raise it;

as I walk in unison with the collective

as we shift into this new perspective.


Are you coming?





6 thoughts on “As We Walk”

  1. Hello there,
    Did you put Sjögren’s into remission and has it stayed that way?
    Would love to know your story on that. Is it on this page as I cannot find it
    Thank you. 💜

    Liked by 1 person

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