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Kambo Spirit – My Unsung Hero

There are faint dots on my right arm, some on my spine, and a few on my left ankle. I shared a blog post in the beginning of the year of my first experience with Kambo. I haven’t talked about it since but I’ve gotten it a total of 5 times. How I haven’t mentioned it more often, I’m not really sure. But I wouldn’t be in the amazing state of health that I am today without this powerful medicine.

I’m rarely asked about these scars because they’re usually unintentionally hidden by my clothing.

Recently someone asked.

After sharing my experience on how they got there, the other person was completely amazed. It made me wonder why I don’t express their significance more often considering Kambo has been one of the biggest factors in my healing process.

It’s the poisonous secretions of a much respected amazon tree frog. (Absolutely no harming of this sacred animal in the process). Many tribes in South America perform 3 part ceremonies that start with Rapé (hop-ay), a uniquely crafted


tobacco snuff administered through the nose. The Rapé blends vary by tribe and all have their own special combination of plant based ingredients. I’ve gotten a different blend each ceremony and it’s so amazing to feel the different effects from different plants.

Then Kambo is applied to fresh burn marks on the skin, where it causes you to have death-like symptoms and you purge your life away. (Sounds scary, I know, but healing isn’t easy and we must be the ones to initiate the process if we truly want to heal).

Then the ceremony ends with Sananga eye drops that can be compared to acid being placed on your eye balls. These eye drops are extremely powerful and as the medicine enters your body, it scans over every inch of your being and balances out your chakras. This is an intense ceremonial process with healing benefits that can’t truly be expressed in words.

In a broad explanation, Kambo directly effects the lymphatic system, causing you to purge out all toxins in your body. It’s non-psychoactive but you feel a sense of being connected with your inner most self. This legal “medicine” is finally becoming more noticed and studied by scientists in the United States. There are many studies out there if you’re interested! Kambo Ceremonies are not just for the physically ill. It is said to help with addiction, depression, anxiety, overall mental clarity, inflammation, common colds, eye issues, the list could go on forever. Do some of your own research for a full, in depth explanation!

I attended 5 Kambo ceremonies in the span of 4 months. That 5th session, I went in with the strongest intention of leaving all illness and all physical pain in the past. You’d think that because this was my 5th time getting it, I’d be used to the effects… The Kambo Spirit doesn’t work like that. This session was the most intense purge I’d experienced. I threw up double of what I normally had, almost passed out, and had to bottom purge (yes- that’s a thing).

Although this feeling of consciously being aware as a part of myself was literally dying was taking place, I had a deep knowing that this was it. This was going to be the session that I’d been hoping for. And just like that, illness was gone. Pain was gone. I was left with an empty mind, a newly satisfied awareness of my own presence, and a completely new perspective of the physical, 3-Dimensional world.

I was energetically reset from the inside out. These aren’t just “dots” or “scars”; these are battle wounds. And I proudly wear them with the deepest sense of gratitude. 🐸



If you’re called to ceremony, visit this website to find an IAKP certified practitioner. This list includes practitioners in the US and other countries as well!

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