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The Sacred Celery Juice

If you follow my social media, you know how much I rave about celery juice. Once I read Medical Medium by Anthony William, my life completely changed (if you follow my blog posts you know that I mention him or his books in almost every single one). In this perspective altering book, it talks a lot about celery juice and all of its healing benefits. I highly recommend reading the book for yourself so you can really go into all the details and retain the information at a pace that suits your needs.

Or you can also go to his website and learn about it. Here are a few links to Anthony William’s insight on celery juice (clink the links and read, I’m doing the hard part for you! Read, read, read!) :

1. Celery Juice

2. Healing Power of Celery

3. Celery Juice 101

Follow Medical Medium (Anthony William) on Instagram and Facebook. He does a lot of Live Streams and posts daily about healing tips revolves around food and also features all of the people taking celery juice every morning on his stories! You can also find healing success stories from people who follow his protocols for their symptoms.

I’m going to list some of the main points things celery juice cantaloupe with to change your life, in hopes that you’ll be searching for a juicer on Amazon after reading this.

Celery Juice:

– Cleanses & repairs intestinal lining


-Detoxes the liver

-Raises pH levels

-Supports neuron function

-Hydrates your body at a cellular level

-Alkalizes the gut

-Flushes toxins

-Promotes good bacteria

This is just a tiny list of all the amazing things it can do for your body. Each of these bullet points could have pages and pages worth of in depth information about symptoms and the “hows” and “whys” but I’m going to leave that up to you to research. I made it easy by telling you the book, the author, and even included links to Anthony William’s posts about celery juice. USE them, DIGEST the information, and IMPLEMENT a change in your life that will positively impact your health no matter who you are.

My personal experience with this has been so life changing. I’ve been taking 16oz of celery juice every morning since the end of May of this year (2018). My acne has been improving SO much (check out my latest “Update on New Routine” post for a picture comparison of my skin 4 months ago to now, here). My heart burn, indigestion, and all stomach issues have disappeared. (I eliminated all heart burn causing foods that bothered me as well) but even when I didn’t eat, my heartburn/indigestion used to literally be debilitating to the point of tears, and it’s no longer a bother! I feel more clear and focused. Inflammation is now distant memory. The list could go on and on but I’d rather you try it out for yourself and see the miracles that could happen. Create your own experience. Consistency and dedication is key here. Only you can implement change for your health. You’ve got this and you’re supported 100%. (Reach out to me on Instagram or on my blog to let me know you’re starting Celery juice daily, I’d love to hear your story and progress!)

*Remember, your body is your body and I can’t force you to do anything. But the more you research and find holistic ways to take care of yourself, the more you can fill your brain with useful information instead of being misinformed by healthcare providers/false media propaganda. Also, if you start drinking 16oz of celery juice every single morning I will not benefit from that in any way. I am just trying to spread information that is truthful and actually works.

Your inflammation might reside, your joints might be able to move normally again, your skin and stomach issues might disappear, and your thinking may become more clear… but hey, you might not want to get better and that’s on you. Deep healing takes a lot of will-power, self discipline, and patience. Do you love yourself enough to start healing?



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