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Say NO to Fluoride

Despite what you think you may know, fluoride is one of the most dangerous additives that's in your toothpastes, mouthwashes, and even in your water. It's pushed by dentists because it is said to help prevent cavities. Although there is some truth in that statement, it does way more harm to the body than good.… Continue reading Say NO to Fluoride

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Apple Pie Smoothie

If you haven't followed Medical Medium on Instagram or Facebook, get on that pronto. I made it easy for you, just click those links and press the follow button! Last month he did an apple challenge and by sharing your apple experience on social media, he chose two winners every day for the month of… Continue reading Apple Pie Smoothie

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Tips For Mindful Eating

First of all, eating is a sacred act in itself. In other countries, the act of eating is taken very seriously, especially for those who follow an Ayurvedic lifestyle. But being from the western part of the world, we don't view eating the same way, which is a huge factor in why we have so many  issues.… Continue reading Tips For Mindful Eating

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The Sacred Celery Juice

If you follow my social media, you know how much I rave about celery juice. Once I read Medical Medium by Anthony William, my life completely changed (if you follow my blog posts you know that I mention him or his books in almost every single one). In this perspective altering book, it talks a… Continue reading The Sacred Celery Juice

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Yo, Your Fish Oil is Rancid!

I have been taking DHA & Astaxanthin for the past couple of months now and it's pretty hard to describe the difference I feel within in words. I feel so aligned mentally, physically, and emotionally and overall feel "lighter" if that makes sense. I only share products I truly believe in that work for me. I've… Continue reading Yo, Your Fish Oil is Rancid!

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Agave Maple Sweet Potato & Chic Pea Curry Rice

I made this recipe up so don't critique me! It's amazing and can be used as a meal or for a side dish. It's gluten free, vegan, filling, and delicious! It's great for inflammation and has a deep spiritual meaning behind the ingredients. You can find that information in Anthony William's Life Changing Foods book!… Continue reading Agave Maple Sweet Potato & Chic Pea Curry Rice

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Update #2 on New Routine

Month One It's been exactly one month since I have started my new routine! Check out my first post that introduces this here. I am a firm believer of how you feel is a reflection of what you put in your body. So to be honest, this has been a complete lifestyle change for me. As… Continue reading Update #2 on New Routine

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Don’t Use Labels

I don't like to use labels for anything. When it comes to how I eat, I don't flaunt that I'm "vegan" because with that label comes a whole set of stigmas and "rules". If you break those rules, other "vegans" will jump down your throat. So - labels are a no. I choose to explain… Continue reading Don’t Use Labels